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Jordan's Divorce Costs Him $168 Million

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Jordan's Divorce Costs Hi $168 Million


We knew all along that Michael Jordan's divorce could break all types of records. But until now, we didn't have a final number. Now, thanks to The Sunday Times, we do:

The final severance package for Juanita Jordan, which includes the couple's seven-acre estate in Chicago and custody of their three children, is expected to be agreed before the first anniversary of their last row – which was said to be about money.

The settlement eclipses the most expensive celebrity divorce on public record, in which Neil Diamond paid his ex-wife Marcia Murphey £75m. After licking his wounds, the singer, who had married the television production assistant before he became famous, won plaudits for his chivalrous verdict. "She's worth every penny," he said.

Deuce of Davenport thinks this could spark another MJ comeback; that's a little far-fetched, seeing as Jordan's still insanely wealthy. But who knows, maybe this will heighten his involvement in the Charlotte Bobcats. He's invested in them heavily, and all of a sudden those dollars count just a little bit more. In the days before the draft, Jordan emerged as more than a letter-writing figurehead, but he could probably run the organization if he wanted to.



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