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Jordan Travel News
Take a time to explore our Jordan travel News section before you travel to Jordan

Touristclick Jordan Travel News

United states still leading travel destination..
Al-Bawaba, Jordan - 11 hours ago
“Contrary to popular belief, increasing numbers of visitors from the region are continuing to travel to the US. With numerous popular tourist sites across ...

Fight to honour Jordan’s memory
THE parents of tragic youngster Jordan Toward have pledged to fight the council on plans to alter a patch of land built in memory of their son. ...Nov 2007

Jordan's Divorce Costs Him $168 Million
We knew all along that Michael Jordan's divorce could break all types of records. But until now, we didn't have a final number. Now, thanks to The Sunday ...Nov 2007

Jordan and the 'last chance conference
By Oraib Al-Rantawi Of all the countries in the region, Jordan has been the most enthusiastic and active in the course of the past two years in calling to ...'Nov 2007

Rice tells Jordan king US committed
AMMAN (AFP) — US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Jordan's King Abdullah II on Monday that Washington is committed to achieving Israeli-Palestinian ...Nov 2007

Young Jordan debuts with 3 minutes for Illinois
AP November 12, 2007 Like the man who gave him the best basketball DNA on the planet, Jeff Jordan plays guard with his tongue out. The oldest son of Michael ...Nov 2007


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Jordan Travel news

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