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Iraq Travel News
Take a time to explore our IIraq travel News section before you travel to Iraq

Touristclick Iraq Travel News

McCain Challenges Obama on Iraq
In recent weeks, McCain and his campaign sounded the drumbeat for Obama to travel to Iraq. McCain mentioned it at nearly every town hall meeting. ...Jul 2008

Pieces from Iraq
A delegation from that organization will travel to Moro July 17 to meet with the group. And there’s interest from Washington, DC as well. ...Jul 2008

Diplomats Duke It Out Over Forced Assignments in Iraq
A bitter dispute over forced assignments to Iraq has erupted inside the State Department with diplomats taking decidedly undiplomatic potshots at one ...Nov 2007

bombs kill 5 US soldiers in Iraq
BAGHDAD, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Five US soldiers were killed in two separate roadside bomb attacks in Iraq on Monday, US military spokesman Rear Admiral Greg ...Nov 2007

2007 Is Deadliest Year for US Troops in Iraq
It also said that nine Iranians being held in Iraq would soon be released, including two detained during a January raid of a consulate office in Erbil. ...Nov 2007

Edwards' three Iraq questions
NEWMARKET, NH -- At a town hall here, Edwards called on New Hampshire primary voters to ask candidates three specific questions about their plans for Iraq. ...Nov 2007

Border Conflict Part of Complex Turkey-Iraq Relationship
By Sonja Pace Tensions again loom along the Turkey-Iraq border with a Turkish military incursion into northern Iraq and economic sanctions still a ...Nov 2007


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Iraq Travel news

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