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Edwards' three Iraq questions

Touristclick Iraq Travel News

Edwards' three Iraq questions


NEWMARKET, NH -- At a town hall here, Edwards called on New Hampshire primary voters to ask candidates three specific questions about their plans for Iraq.

“These are the questions I think should be asked -- and answered -- by everybody,” he told the crowd inside Stone Church. “First, will you have all combat troops -- all combat troops -- out of Iraq in the first year of your Administration? That’s question number one. The answer to that question for me is yes, I will have all combat troops out of Iraq.

"Second, if you’re not going to have all combat troops out of Iraq, are you going to continue combat missions in Iraq over the longer term? The answer to that for me is no, because continuing combat missions is continuing the war. And if we’re going to bring this war to an end, we have to get combat troops out and we have to stop combat missions in Iraq, and I will do that.

"The third question is, will you keep permanent military bases in Iraq? The answer to that question for me is no, I will not. No combat troops, no combat missions, no permanent military bases.”

He continued by answering the questions for front-runner Clinton, charging that she would keep combat troops in Iraq; that those troops would continue combat missions; and that he “assumes” they would need somewhere to stay in Iraq. “To me, that’s not ending the war. Ending the war is getting our combat troops out and ending combat missions,” he said.

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