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Dunapack to install Hungary

Touristclick Hungary Travel News

Dunapack to install Hungary

by Lesprom Network

Deliveries for the stock preparation line incorporate continuous disperging complete with the feeding unit and the reject handling system. Subsequent process phases include the protector system, hole screening, fractionation, an EcoMizer cleaning system, and fine screening. In addition, the scope of delivery also involves sludge treatment and dewatering. The stock preparation line concept ensures that the high demands of the PM with regard to cleanliness (stickies) and fiber characteristics, in combination with maximum operational reliability and low specific energy consumption, can all be met.

The Voith components in the approach flow process include ComMix, HydroMix, VoithVac, CompactPulper and MSA sorters. This allows the stipulations of the PM regarding material consistency, cleanliness and low air content at the headbox to be fulfilled entirely.

Paper machine
In the former section, a MasterJet M2 two-layer headbox with ModuleJet dilution water control combined with a DuoFormer Base gap former to provide an optimum CD profile and economic stock use.

A DuoCentri-NipcoFlex press guarantees both a high dry content and simultaneous careful paper treatment. The closed web run ensures high levels of operational safety.

The entire pre-dryer and after-dryer sections are of single-tier design. The only exception is the last group in the after-dryer section, which is double-tier. Together with the ProRelease stabilisers, this configuration ensures the best possible runnability.

The SpeedSizer AT film coating unit, located between the pre- and after-dryer sections provides uniform application on both sides.

The paper web is wound up at the MasterReel. This offers maximum roll diameters of 4,000 mm with optimum winding quality.

In addition, the Voith deliveries also include an automation package with the OnControl system (from headbox to reel) and OnQ Profilmatic controls, as well as a package of spare rolls and QualiFlex press roll covers.

Following the successful major rebuild of the PM 4 at its Pitten mill in Lower Austria and the delivery of the complete stock preparation in the project Spremberg, the Prinzhorn Holding has again opted to rely on Voith and its comprehensive process know-how. Start-up is scheduled for June 2009.


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