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Bridge to join Croatia and Hungary

Touristclick Hungary Travel News

Bridge to join Croatia and Hungary

by Croatian Villas

Towns in Hungary and Croatia are set to be linked by a new bridge, according to reports.

In news which may interest those wishing to travel to Croatia, the country's Podturen area will be joined up to Hungary's Kerkaszentkiraly, reports

The website claims the towns will be linked via a bridge over the Mura River, as well as by a three kilometre road.

Zoltan Pal, mayor of Kerkaszentkiraly, told the source the plans will allow Croatians to reach Hungary without the need for a 20 km detour.

The mayor also noted the two areas enjoy close ties which date back as far as the second world war, the website claims.

Meanwhile, in other news which may be of interest to those considering travel to Croatia, the country was visited by six million tourists in July, according to

The website claims statistics from the ministry of tourism also show 31.9 million overnight stays in the nation within July.


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