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Hong Kong Travel News

Touristclick Hong Kong Travel news

Air HK contract to lift Transmile earnings
Transmile Group Bhd is a step closer to enhancing its earnings stream after securing a contract to lease aircraft to Air Hong Kong.

Sources in the cargo service industry said Transmile clinched the contract recently and some of its Boeing 727 planes had already started serving the route between Hong Kong and Beijing daily.

The contract is like an outsourcing activity. Transmile was leasing its aircraft and crew to Air Hong Kong to help the latter transport cargo between Hong Kong and Beijing, and vice versa, industry sources told StarBiz.

They said this was a lucrative part of the air cargo business for those with idle capacity, given the shortage of cargo planes worldwide. Also, aircraft owners need not worry about load factors.

The only dedicated freighter airline in Hong Kong, Air Hong Kong is 60:40 joint venture between Cathay Pacific and DHL Express.

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Hong Kong Travel news

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