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Hong Kong Travel News

Touristclick Hong Kong Travel news

Proposed rail connection in Hong Kong raises interest from Cathay ...
Hong Kong SAR chief executive, Donald Tsang has recently launched a series of proposals to develop the rail connections in the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta region. A service between Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Shenzhen Airport has attracted particular interest from Cathay Pacific and Airport Authority Hong Kong. It has been said that a joint task force with the Shenzhen Municipal Government will develop plans as early as next year.

The reason for such interest in the project stems from HKIA’s ranking as one of the world's busiest international airports in terms of both passengers and cargo. Should the project eventuate, it will hold the potential to create the conditions for a double-hub operation in the Pearl River Delta region. It also provides Cathay with another investment option in the Mainland, through Shenzhen Airlines, after its planned joint bid with Air China's parent for China Eastern Airlines was unsuccessful. Shenzhen Airlines also offers another benefit, as it is 25%-owned by Cathay’s cross-equity partner, Air China.

“[a rail link between Hong Kong and Shenzhen] should have great potential for new opportunities to increase passenger and cargo traffic between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and we would be very happy to contribute our expertise and experience to the work of the task force,” said Cathay’s CEO, Tony Tyler.

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Hong Kong Travel news

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