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Hawaii: how to beat Maui’s tourism blues

Touristclick Hawaii Travel news

Hawaii: how to beat Maui’s tourism blues
Have you heard the saying Maui no ka oi (”Maui is the best”)? It’s hard to believe these days, at least when it comes to tourism.

First, 50 vacation rentals and B&B were shut down by the Maui County Council. In protest, the Maui Vacation Rental Association has filed a case in U.S. district court. In other legal news, the Hawaii Superferry is still not sailing to any islands, partly due to a Maui Circuit Court hearing that is costing millions of dollars per day in operating losses.

Finally, as of tomorrow, the National Park Service has suspended downhill mountain-biking tours on Haleakala volcano, due to three fatalities earlier this year.

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Hawaii Travel news

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