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Gambia: Spanish Businessmen

Touristclick Gambia Travel News

Gambia: Spanish Businessmen


A group of Spanish businessmen, participating in the on-going Gambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Trade Fair 2007, have expressed their willingness and readiness to build strong partnership with their Gambian counterparts in order to achieve their business objectives.

This was disclosed last Wednesday during a meeting that brought together Gambian and Spanish businessmen. Under the initiative of the GCCI, the business encounter was held at the GFA Conference Hall located at the Independence Stadium, Bakau.

Most of these businessmen are venturing into the manufacturing industry making products such as non-alcoholic drinks, cosmetics, textiles, shoes electrical products, lightening materials, accessories and mosquito nets.

Speaking at the ceremony, Bai Matarr Drammeh, president of the GCCI welcomed the Spanish businessmen to The Gambia noting that their participation in the 2007 GCCI trade fare will provide them with a unique opportunity to be familiar with Gambian products . According to him, their participation in the 2007 Trade Fare constitutes the beginning of a fruitful bilateral relationship.

"Most of them are visiting The Gambia for the first time. We organised this trade fare not only to showcase quality products but also to gather experience with different companies participating in the event. It's also meant to foster smooth working relationships with the exhibiting companies," he said.

According to him, most of these businessmen are engaged in areas that are of immense benefit to the Gambian business sector adding that others have even expressed interest in exploring export trade.

For his part, Pedro Vieira, one of the Spanish businessmen in the manufacturing company and who is based in Portugal, expressed his commitment to strenghten the existing partnership to build joint ventures.

Ismaile, another manufacturer commended GCCI for coming up with such an initiative which he described as wonderful.

"My company work swith most laboratories in Europe and sells special products. But we are also involve in tea production which most of the people of this country would like," he said.

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Another businessman, Antonio Mafound who operates in the textile industry in Barcelona said he usually operates in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco among other North African countries.

"However, during this business visit, I realized that Gambia is a peaceful country and the people are very nice. We hope to do business here when we come back very soon," he said.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Cherno Jallow, CEO GCCI, who, on behalf of the private sector, thanked the Spanish businessmen for coming to The Gambia."You are always welcome to this country and we do hope we will see you here again next year," he added.


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