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Gabonese envoy meets VP

Touristclick Gabon Travel News

Gabonese envoy meets VP

by Daily Observer

Laure Olya Gondjout, the Gabonese Minister of Foreign Affairs and special envoy of Gabon’s Prime Minister, yesterday, paid a courtesy call on Vice President Dr Ajaratou Isatou Njie-Saidy, at State House, Banjul. Speaking to journalists shortly after her audience with VP Njie-Saidy, Ms Gondjout said she was an envoy of the Gabonese Prime Minister and came to deliver a special message to President Jammeh concerning the forthcoming African Union summit on regional integration and the conducive political ties between the two countries, which have been existing for years.

She added that she also talked to Madam Njie-Saidy to seek Gambia’s support in the election of the chairman of the African Union which her Prime Minister is vying for.

She further stated that Gabon has a candidate who has the support of Economic Community of African States (ECAS) which aims for the economic integration of Africa.

“We are here to seek the support of The Gambia, seek guidance for our campaign and to widen the bilateral relationship,” she stated.

She added that her prime minister is a well known African diplomat and has been serving as a minister for more than a decade and has vast experience, which will enable him to live up to expectations.

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