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Florida Travel News

Take a time to explore our Florida travel News section before you travel to Florida.

Touristclick Florida Travel news

On-demand' airline DayJet officially launches service in Florida
DayJet Corp. has officially launched its on-demand business airline that uses very light jets to shuttle people to five of Florida's regional airports. Oct 2007

Tourism forum designed to help Florida's downtowns and small towns attract visitors
The third annual Downtowns & Small Towns Forum is slated for Oct. 16-19 and is aimed at showcasing how some of Florida's communities have used historic preservation to attract tourists and improve their own quality of life. Oct 2007

The Bahamas, a Great Choice for Travel and Vacations
This group of 700 islands, beginning sixty miles east of the Florida coast, is dazzling in its diversity. Activities like golfing with your family, world class bone fishing, or just hanging out and relaxing at the beach... Oct 2007

WRTA to host inaugural religious travel mart
The World Religious Travel Association (WRTA) will host the first annual World Religious Travel Expo & Educational Conference, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2008, in Orlando... Oct 2007

Mass resignations as Musharraf names successor
Opposition MPs in Pakistan have taken part in a mass resignation as General Pervez Musharraf attempts to be re-elected. Oct 2007

100% Grand Resort Travel In Florida
Beachside promenades, lively people laid back lifestyles and sunny weather, Florida is a grand resort travel idea... Oct 2007

Southwest Airlines makes Florida man change his T-shirt
Southwest Airlines said it plans to apologize to a Florida passenger after an employee forced him to change out of a sexually suggestive T-shirt or risk getting thrown off the plane. Oct 2007

Travel Channel Lets Viewers Make Call
The Travel Channel is planning a new destination for viewers—a "pilot week" in December when test episodes of the network’s new shows will be aired. Oct 2007

Day dawns for air taxi operator DayJet
The day for DayJet is here at last. The "per-seat, on-demand" operator held its grand opening on 2 October in Florida and is making flights. Oct 2007

Speadsheet-worthy planning becoming new holiday travel ritual
Summer's over, the kids are back in school, fall schedules are in place and life seems to be returning to normal. Oct 2007

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Florida Travel news

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