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Finland Minister Thors to France and Sweden

Touristclick Finland Travel News

Finland Minister Thors to France and Sweden


Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors will Travel to France and Sweden in July. On 8 and 9 July in Strasbourg, she will meet members of the European Parliament who are responsible for the reports relating to the EU climate and energy package. Minister Thors will have meetings with Satu Hassi, Anders Wijkman, Claude Turmes and Chris Davies. The idea of the meetings is to present Finland's climate and energy policy objectives and to learn of the report writers' plans. The goal is to reach an agreement on the climate and energy package in spring 2009 at the latest.

On 10 July, Minister Thors will travel to Gotland, Sweden, to attend the Almedal Week, a political discussion forum. On 11 July, Minister Thors will participate in the debate considering ways of bringing the EU closer to citizens. Margot Wallström, Swedish member of the European Commission, will be one of the participants in the debate.

On 12 and 13 July, Minister Thors will travel to Brest, France, to attend the informal meeting of EU ministers responsible for European affairs. The discussion will focus on the Treaty of Lisbon and maritime policy.

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