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Estonia's salaries are rising

Touristclick Estonia Travel News

Estonia's salaries are rising

by Courrier International

Salaries in Estonia have risen 20 % over last year.

This is good news according to the Estonian news portal, but it also sees problematic aspects such as the unequal distribution of the country's wealth among its different regions. "People in the countryside live in a different world to those living in cities like Tallinn.

The labour market is very dynamic at the moment, which is why workers are making high demands. If you don't get a pay rise you just move on to another job.

This is exacerbating the labour shortage and leads to more demands for higher pay, but only in certain branches and regions.

Salaries in Estonia will approach levels in Western Europe because you can't cook two soups in one pot.

But within Estonia, the wage gap is continually growing."




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Estonia Travel news

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