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Estonian Trade Deficit

Touristclick Estonia Travel News

Estonian Trade Deficit

by RTT News

Estonia's trade deficit narrowed to 3.7 billion kroons in September from 3.8 billion kroons registered in August, the Statistics Estonia said Monday. The trade deficit was 4 billion kroons in the same period last year.

The statistical office said that the foreign trade turnover declined 7% year-on-year in September. Meanwhile, the foreign trade turnover dropped 5% on a monthly basis.

Exports of goods dipped 7.5% to 9.75 billion kroons from the same month last year in September.

Meanwhile, imports of goods fell 7.3% on an annual basis in September to 13.50 billion kroons. On a monthly basis, exports declined 4.6% in September, while imports slipped 3.5% from the previous month.
Singapore Visitor Arrivals Rise In October
11/26/2007 2:15:14 AM The number of visitors arriving to Singapore stood at 911,000 in October, marking an increase of 6.2% from the previous year, the Singapore Tourism Board said Monday. The agency noted that the latest number set a new record for the month of October. In September, the number of visitors arrived to Singapore was 769,000.

The Singapore Tourism Board said the number of visitor days reached 3.3 million in October, an increase of 14.5% from the same month last year.

The top five visitor generating markets were Indonesia, People's Republic of China, Australia, India and Malaysia, which accounted for 54% of total visitor arrivals in October.

The report added that the Singapore's gazetted hotels generated S$178.4 million in room revenue in October, representing an increase of 37.1% on an annual basis. This set an all-time record for hotel room revenue.

The Average Room Rate, or ARR, for October was estimated at S$219, up 33.9% year-on-year, marking a new record. Average Occupancy Rate, or AOR, was 89%, rising 1.8 percentage points over the same month a year ago.


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