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164 Nokia N82 picture Estonia

Touristclick Estonia Travel News

164 Nokia N82 picture Estonia

by IntoMobile

First of all, huge thanks to my friend Henrikki and his friend Netta. Because I know him, and because he knows her, I got to spend a day in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. I came with 3 devices: Nokia N82, Nokia N95 8 GB and a Nokia N95. I gave the 8 GB to Henrikki for the weekend and I went photo crazy with the Nokia N82 taking 164 shots. To give you an idea of the N82’s battery life, I woke up at 04:00 on Saturday, unplugged my device, set the screen brightness to the lowest setting, set the screensaver (and thus screen turning off) to the lowest time, disabled 3G, made a phone call for a cab and then left the house.

During the 2 hour train ride from Tampere to Helsinki I browsed the internet, very lightly, and shot off a few text messages to my mates. Around 07:30 I meet up with Henrikki and his friends at the dock. About 25 minutes after leaving Helsinki on boat I loose signal because my prepaid SIM doesn’t have roaming. At that point I just put the device into Offline Mode. We get to Tallinn and I start taking a whole lot of pictures, more on Estonia during my N82 review.

At around 19:30 we get on the boat to get back to Helsinki. I put my device back into General mode so I can hear it go off when I get into the range of the cellphone tower and start being bombarded with text messages. Once we landed half of our party left, the other went to the club: Kalle.

After only 2 vodka tonics I’m on the dance floor pumping my hips furiously at MC Hammer, Daft Punk and a huge range of music on the second floor.

After about 6 vodka tonics we go downstairs, to the part of the club that only plays Finnish music. After singing (read: screaming) about 20 songs in a language that only 5 months ago gave me a headache to listen to, it was around midnight.

We leave the club around 01:00 and Henrikki lets me crash at his place because I couldn’t tell left from right, up from down, my ass from my elbow.

By 02:00 I was asleep, on the floor, and my N82 was still alive. It was asking for battery, that is for sure, but my phone was still alive.

The N82 really is the first Nseries device I can confidently say I can bring home alive. I eat N95’s for breakfast and the 8 GB is a hit and miss.

Granted I cheated, my radio (by that I mean GSM/WCDMA radio) was off for a major portion of the day, but for now the N82 makes me happy.

It is currently 19:05 in Finland, I’m home safly, and before I go collapse into bed I want to share with you these 164 images taken by my new favorite phone.

Let me know which ones your like, even I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet.

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