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Ministry of Tourism Presents

Touristclick El Salvador Travel News

Ministry of Tourism Presents

by Earthtimes

Salvadoran Tourism Tourism Ruben Rochi, together with vice minister Michelle Gallardo de Gutierrez, presented a report on the Ministry's main activities in 2007.

One of the most noteworthy achievements regarding institutional strengthening was the decision by President of the Republic Elias Antonio Saca to create the Vice Ministry of Tourism.

Pursuant to guidelines established in the 2014 National Plan for Tourism (PNT) to position El Salvador as a world-class tourist destination, and seeking to increase the flow of visitors, particularly from the United States and Europe, there was greater participation at tourism fairs in countries in both these regions.

The campaign included articles in specialized tourism magazines such as Foreign Policy in Spain, Viajes (Travels) in Costa Rica and a special supplement in the prestigious Fortune magazine.

To present the country's new image, the services of the renowned public relations firm Hill and Knowlton were contracted, which set about presenting information on the country to more than 30,000 companies engaged in print journalism and the Internet, giving readers and users a chance to learn what El Salvador has to offer, as well as the latest developments.

Deserving of special mention is the TV program E! Special EL SALVADOR IMPRESIONANTE (Amazing El Salvador), which was broadcast Saturday, December 8, in North and South America.

In a bid for greater worldwide exposure, ads in English presenting the tourist activities El Salvador offers will be broadcast from December 17 through 31 by the CBS network on the giant screens in New York's Times Square.

El Salvador has availed itself of excellent opportunities to enhance its position at the global level, such as the promotional campaign to attract investors, acting as host to the 46th Meeting of the World Tourism Organization's Commission of the Americas, holding its 2nd National Congress of Tourism, and awarding the National Tourism Prize, hosting the 2nd Latin American Surf Championship, and making history by organizing the first El Salvador and Central America Showcase and Travel Expo in 2007.

The 2014 National Tourism Plan (PNT) maps out tourism goals to be met by 2014. Since being implemented in mid-2006, it has carried out 48 of the 154 proposed actions


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