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Bureau sets up El Salvador

Touristclick El Salvador Travel News

Bureau sets up El Salvador

by WorldNetDaily

Stepping up its effort to combat Hispanic gang violence in the U.S., the FBI has opened an office in El Salvador, where it is targeting two notorious groups wreaking havoc on American soil.

The Transnational Anti-Gang Center, or TAC, is assisting in the development of international anti-gang cases, with a particular focus on the18th Street gang and MS-13, says Robert B. Loosle, special agent in charge of the criminal division in the FBI's Los Angeles Field Office.

As WND reported, the FBI agent told an international anti-gang conference in El Salvador in April that the 18th Street gang now operates in 37 U.S. states while MS-13 is in 44. Both also are in Central America.

"The TAC will house two permanent FBI agents in El Salvador," Loosle told WND in an interview at his L.A. office. "The expectation is that the federal and local agencies will be working in harmony with the El Salvadorans in that center."

Loosle explained the FBI's future vision is to see a similar offices established in Honduras, Guatemala and possibly Mexico.

"These centers help U.S. agencies by exchanging information," he said. "For instance, the Los Angeles Police Department is initiating an officer exchange program with El Salvador, and so is the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department."


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