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Dominican Republic Travel News
Take a time to explore our Dominican Republic travel News section before you travel to Dominican Republic

Touristclick Dominican Republic Travel News

Dominican president wishes
He said next year, 2008, “is an electoral year in the Dominican Republic and the Dominican nation will go to the polls, but that participation of our nation ...Dec 2007

Dominican Republic can’t deal
Dominican Immigration Agency director Carlos Amarante today said the entity has neither enough funds nor logistics to effectively deal with the large number ...Dec 2007

Dominican Rep seeks
The Dominican Republic will hold an international tender next week to establish a fair value for the 50 percent stake in an ...Dec 2007

Episcopal Dominican Republic
The group shared stories about the educational ministry that brought each of them to the Dominican Republic, as well as what presents a challenge as their ...Dec 2007

Dominican Republic, Canada
The Dominican Republic and Canada will officially begin negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement in the Canadian capital of Ottawa Monday, ...Dec 2007


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Dominican Republic Travel news

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