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Travel Management Group win Aston Villa contract

Touristclick Denmark Travel News

Travel Management Group win Aston Villa contract


The Travel Management Group (TMG), of Leamington Spa, will ensure Villa's team and fans can travel without hassle when they travel to Denmark, Finland or Northern Ireland in their first match during July.

A win over two-legs will put the Midlands side in the UEFA Cup qualifying rounds - and could result in trips to take on top class opposition

anywhere in Europe.

The company, which has looked after Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, in previous years, will use its forty years of experience to find suitable hotels and flights for the club and their fans to use.

Mike Scholefield, director at TMG, said: 'This is a special contract for us because although we work with top British clubs, we haven't had the chance to work with a Midlands club for quite a long time.

'Our role is to make sure the players, management, sponsors and supporters can make the most of every match abroad. We make sure every detail is dealt with- the hotel, the flights, the transport logistics at the host city - and we also find out about the local attractions for fans wanting to stay a bit longer.

'Aston Villa could have the longest European campaign of any English club if they are successful this year. We want the team to take care of things on the pitch while we take care of the things off it!

'It's imperative for football clubs that they deal with knowledgeable travel companies with a depth of experience that can make the trips as successful as possible.'

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