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Norwegians to invest billions in Denmark

Touristclick Denmark Travel News

Norwegians to invest billions in Denmark

by Copenhagen Capacity

The Norwegian capital fund FSN Capital is prepared to vacuum the Danish midcap market with a new billion fund for companies with growth potential.

The Norwegian investment company FSN Capital Partners is entering the Danish market, writes Børsen Business Daily.

During the last two weeks two Danish companies Elmetec and latest Healtcare Recruitment Group (HCRG) have been included in FSN's fund II, which up to now has only been for Swedish and Norwegian companies.

Now FSN Capital is launching fund III and its most ambitious one so far with a closing of EUR 375 million.

After gearing, the company will seek to invest approximately EUR 1-1½ billion in companies. A great part of this amount will be invested in Denmark.

According to FSN Capital especially minor and middle-sized companies will be the primary focus. One of the focus areas is companies with growth potential and with a generational change in sight.

On the other hand the fund is not interested in committing itself to untested technology or investments, which are especially dependent of the volatile oil prices.

Since the beginning of 2001 FSN has invested in 27 Nordic companies for example Via Travel, Aura Light and Nautilus.

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