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Denmark's Poinsettias

Touristclick Denmark Travel News

Denmark's Poinsettias


A plant many say symbolizes the holidays raised thousands of dollars today for a local community.

Fields of flowers call this nursery home - it's the Denmark Annual Poinsettia sale. Every year people come from all over to purchase their holiday plant.

Gail Campbell from Green Bay says, "It's just a wonderful experience! The Poinsettias are absolutely beautiful this year."

The plants come in just about every shape and size - not to mention color.

Sandy Arnhoelter from Vladers says, "The entire event is totally organized. You move through lines quickly and the selection is fantastic. We really do honestly enjoy it every year."

Poinsettias are festive but they are also a fundraiser. The Lion's Club hopes to raise $10,000 to $12,000 at this event alone.

Dean Chaloupka is Vice President of the Denmark Lion's Club and he says, "The money goes to youth groups - the park- to families in need. Also, people who have had catastrophes or things like that - so all the money stays local and goes right back into the Denmark community."

The Denmark community has come out by the hundreds for this event every year.

Natural Beauty Growers has partnered with the Denmark Lion's Club for the last thirty-three years.

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