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Maná Heats Up San Jose Costa Rica

Touristclick Costa Rica Travel News

Maná Heats Up San Jose Costa Rica

by Costa Rica Travel News

Yesterday evening, Mexican rock legend Maná heated up the chilly Ricardo Saprissa Stadium in Tibás with giant flames throwers, light shows and an energetic 2 1/2-hour set of their greatest hits.

Almost 20,000 fans were present at this stop on Maná’s World Tour 2007 Amar es Combatir (To love is to fight), named after a line in a poem by Mexican writer Octavio Paz. They filled up the stadium despite the light rain, strong winds and cold temperature and sang along with lead singer Fher through the entire concert, many on their feet from the moment the first note was hit.

After a couple false starts, when Costa Rican DJ Dr.

Leo changed tracks or the lighting changed, Maná finally took the stage around 9 pm, opening with “Dejame entrar”. They continued with international favorites such as “Manda una señal,” “Oye mi amor,” “Bendita tu Luz,”“Mariposa Traicionera,” “Corta Venas” and “Vivir sin aire”.

The lead guitarist and drummer also had their time to shine with two separate solo acts. The drummer had the audience in awe as he played while standing on his drum set and then behind his back as part of a 10-minute long drum roll.

The concert drew to a close with a little magic, when the members of the band said their goodbyes and were all packed into a large suitcase. However, cries of “OTRA”, or encore, drew them back for another round of three of the most popular songs, starting with “Labios Compartidos”.

The themes of the songs and messages presente during the show covered all areas from love to politics to society. The onstage action was prefaced by a video projected against a white sheet condemning the wall built on the border of Mexico and the United States. There was also a short series of public service announcement style videos throughout the concert which told the audience to protect the rainforest, suicide is not the only option and it’s time to make the world a better place.

Fher also complimented Costa Rica on its protection of nature and low corruption levels, calling it a brother to Mexico. As an exclamation point to the idea, at the end of the concert he unwound a mixed Mexican and Costa Rican flag that shot confetti into the audience.

Everyone went home satisfied, including those that started gathering outside the stadium at 10:30am, and the commercial savvy street venders who sold off every last shirt, scarf, set of gloves, and glowing devil horns.

The heat lightening flashing outlines of the nearby mountains was a welcome element of nature that fit perfectly into the blazing nighttime spectacle. The special effects of the show, one of the best that Costa Rica has ever hosted, were made possible by about 80 tons of equipment that the group brought with them, which is now being lugged on to Panama for tonight’s concert.


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