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How to get a cheap Costa Rica

Touristclick Costa Rica Travel News

How to get a cheap Costa Rica

by Costa Rica News

Having worked in travel industry now in Costa Rica for over 3 years and booking hundreds of flights for people to and from numerous UK airports, I have seen some trends that will allow people to get cheaper flights from the UK to Costa Rica.

Typically flying from London is not always more expensive, sometimes you will find that a flight from Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow is cheaper than London Heathrow or Gatwick, especially with Continental. Over the past 3 years the top airlines continue to be Continental, Virgin and American Airlines. Continental flies from most major UK airports and offers flights from as low as £300 per person.

However if you fly Monday -Thursday returning on Sunday - Thursday you will find the flights can be over 25% cheaper.

Virgin and American Airlines are very similar as they partner with regards to Virgin doing London to Miami and AA doing Miami to San Jose. These flights are very well priced mid week and especially in Jan/Feb and March, however during the summer months these prices escalate out of control. People seem to think that the Iberia route via Madrid is the best and cheapest route however typically these planes are always delayed or diverted and also are more expensive than flying via the US. However the flight involves a non-US transit, but the planes are much elder and the service is much to be desired.

My suggestion for the cheapest flights is to use Continental and go directly to and change the country in the top right to UK. Then search using the flexible dates option and this will show you the cheapest days to fly. My clients have found that by doing this they find flights over 100 pounds cheaper than the major search engine sites.

However having flown on airlines to and from the UK numerous times, Virgin and British Airways offer the best service but Continental is by far the best US airline carrier.


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