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Congo boss sacked over violence

Touristclick Congo Travel News

Congo boss sacked over violence

by BBC News

People have been returning to camps for displaced people (IDPs) in the Democratic Republic of Congo's North Kivu province after fresh fighting near the main town of Goma prompted up to 40,000 to flee.

Some IDPs said looters had ransacked their shelters while they were away, taking what little possessions they owned.

Twenty-four out of 35 local MPs voted to oust Governor Celestin Chibalonza.

The MPs said Mr Chibalonza, from President Joesph Kabila's ruling party, had also badly managed finances and had little respect for local authorities.

Despite elections last year, the east of the country has remained unstable with rape and looting commonplace.

This month, thousands of civilians from North Kivu have fled to South Kivu after renewed fighting.

The Congolese army is struggling to quell a rebellion in North Kivu by renegade Tutsi Gen Laurent Nkunda.

In South Kivu, the army is facing a separate ethnic uprising by the Banyamulenge community, who are demanding autonomy.

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