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Blogging to Save Congo

Touristclick Congo Travel News

Blogging to Save Congo

by The Star-Ledger

Pet blogs, animal rights blogs and dog lovers around the country have been busy spreading the story of Congo, the Princeton German Shephard declared vicious by a judge after the dog bit a landscaper.

Congo's owners appealed the dog's death sentence in court, saying he was inadvertently provoked by the landscaper. Today, a judge allowed the dog to go home with the family while the case works its way through the courts.

Bloggers are overwhelmingly on Congo's side. Though some question whether Congo would have gotten this much attention if he were a pit bull, or if his owners were poor, or if the landcaper hadn't been an illegal immigrant . . .

From Dogster: For the Love of Dog Blog:

Talk about patently unfair! Anyone who knows dogs would expect Congo to act as he did. Moreover, why can't Congo's family sue the gardening company for harm to the puppies and manhandling the woman?

From On Loving Animals:

This is a case where Judge Annich failed to distinguish between a protective dog and a vicious one. The latter attacks indiscriminately and unprovoked which is not the case with Congo. If Congo was from a K-9 unit and reacted the same way in protecting his handler, Congo would have been given a medal and declared a hero.

From I Am Endlessly Fascinating:

I don't at all want to trivialize the family's sadness about this. Their pet has been taken away, and that situation is clearly upsetting for everyone, not least of all the dog, who is living in a cage awaiting a decision about his fate. But it also make me wonder how this whole story would have played if the dog were a pit bull and not a German shepherd. Would people be calling, as they have in other cities, for a ban on pit bulls? Even though a) the pit bull is actually not a recognized breed (so how, exactly, can you ban it), and b) obviously other dogs can be vicious too? And what if the family were not affluent Princetonians?

From Pet Debate:

Personally, I think the details being thrown around in other posts about this case sound really sketchy. Do you think the gardener provoked the attack? Whether he did or not, is it okay/justifiable that the dogs bit him? Would things be different if this dog was of a different breed, or if the gardener was of a different race?

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