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Colombia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Colombia travel News section before you travel to Colombia

Touristclick Colombia Travel News

Colombia: indigenous attacked
In the northern Colombian department of La Guajira, the displaced Wayuu community of Bahia Portete suffered a new attack by ...Dec 2007

Welcome to the New Colombia
As he presses the flesh and meets with the locals in this impoverished slum community, known as Vía Perimetral, Colombian President ...Dec 2007

Colombia Coca Farmers Elude
On his coca farm in the remote mountains of southeastern Colombia, Jose Lopez stoops over the 3-foot-tall plants and picks the shiny green ...Dec 2007

AP Photo Package: Colombia's
With a hand on his hip and a grimace of concentration on his face, Manolo Jimenez strikes a classic pose as he extends a red cape ...Dec 2007

Bush, Colombia's Uribe
The two leaders also discussed the US-Colombia free trade agreement, with Bush "affirming his commitment to have the agreement approved at the earliest ...Dec 2007


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Colombia Travel news

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