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ET-China says 3 months to Sept trading strong on buoyant travel market

Touristclick China Travel news

ET-China says 3 months to Sept trading strong on buoyant travel market International Holdings Ltd, the AIM-listed travel company operating in South China, said it achieved strong trading in the three months to Sept 30 on the back of a buoyant Chinese travel market.

The group said gross revenue for the three-month period totalled around 55.46 mln stg, net revenue was 40.69 mln and gross profit was 3.61 mln stg. There are no direct comparable numbers available, but the group said its two main operating subsidiaries are significantly ahead of their 2006 results.

Matthew Ng, president and chief executive officer of ET-China, said: 'We have achieved excellent growth in the third quarter of the calendar year and with the strong growth of the Chinese economy we are looking forward to a strong year of tourism growth for 2007 and beyond.'

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