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Online Travel in China Continues to Innovate; Two Leading Search

Touristclick China Travel news

Online Travel in China Continues to Innovate; Two Leading Search ..., a community search platform with over 20 million unique visitors, and, China's largest travel search engine with 10 million unique users, announced today the launch of a new, innovative service titled "360 Degrees Travel". 360 Degrees Travel combines Qunar's real-time pricing information for flights and hotels with Qihoo's community services and user-generated content.

"This is a great opportunity for our customers. As China's largest community search and aggregation service, we are looking forward to working with The cooperation between and better meets demand for personalized travel information," said Dai Zheng, Vice President at

"Qunar's comprehensive search services for flights, hotels and deals will prove to be an excellent platform," commented Chen Jie, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "This cooperation is a win-win-win deal for consumers. and will set a fine example of successful innovation for the entire industry."

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China Travel news

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