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Olympics inspire more choices for travelers to China

Touristclick China Travel news

Olympics inspire more choices for travelers to China
With airlines rapidly expanding their networks and introducing new routes, hotel companies rushing to open more properties, and the government racing to improve tourism infrastructure before the Olympic Games next August, there's no doubt that tourism to China is on a serious upswing. The country is already seeing more visitors than ever before, and tourism will likely ride the high long after the athletes collect their medals and go home.

All this added infrastructure brings China into the realm of travel possibility for people who might have previously considered the country too expensive to reach or too difficult to navigate. That's not to say booking for travel during the Olympics will be easy though, since you'll have to contend with the competition for accommodations, tickets, and activities that comes with the massive influx of spectators. However, increased options on the air and accommodations fronts will make things easier for Olympic and post-Games travelers than ever before.

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China Travel news

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