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Bruneian Caught In Chile Trying To Smuggle Cocaine

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Bruneian Caught In Chile Trying To Smuggle Cocaine

by Bru Direct

The tentacles of drug syndicates have spread so far and wide in the world that even a relatively small country like Brunei just cannot evade its reach.
A 26-year-old Bruneian man is currently on remand at the Santiago Prison in Chile, the first Bruneian to be apprehended abroad, caught attempting to smuggle 15 packets of cocaine at the Santiago International Airport, Chile.

Chief Narcotics Officer Hamzah Suhaili revealed this at a press conference at the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) headquarters in Tungku; Gadong yesterday. Also in attendance was Senior Narcotics Officer Yahya Budin.

CNO Flantzah said international drug trafficking syndicates are employing several modus operandi to lure Asians as their drug couriers and have been successful in influencing a number of foreigners who are bold enough to take the risk just for a life sheer luxury.

The syndicates do not only lure and recruit young girls and women but also men, although the number of men recruits is relatively small compared to women.


One of the syndicate is believed to have trapped the Bruneian man to smuggle 5.73kg of cocaine hidden inside his suitcase.

The man's travel schedule, investigated by the NCB, prior to being caught showed that he had left Brunei for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 27 this year and stayed there for a week before leaving for Columbia and heading to Lima, Peru on February 2. He stayed in Lima for about 23 days.

On February 27, he tried to leave Santiago to travel to Madrid but before he could board the flight he was detained by the Chile police at the airport for trying to smuggle 15 packets of cocaine. He is currently on remand for further investigation and if found guilty he will be sentenced accordingly to the laws in Chile.

The NCB has called on the Bruneian community, particularly parents and family members, to educate their children on the dangers of drug abuse or drug pedaling and highlighted the need to monitor their children's movements and whom they mix with.

CNO Hamzah also advised parents and guardians to call their children's school or university to confirm when their children inform them of their participation in programmed to make sure their intentions are genuine.

He also advised citizens, particularly youth, not to be easily influenced by sweet-talking foreigners, who may be the mastermind of drug trafficking syndicates. Their offer to become drug mules for a jet-setting lifestyle and luxury should be shunned.

The syndicate's method could be through direct contact or through Internet chatting, CNO Hamzah said. He urged those who have been offered or approached by these syndicates to come forward and report to the bureau as such cooperation will assist the bureau in their investigations besides helping them to combat these syndicates from entering the Sultanate and protect our citizens from fatting prey to these syndicates' promises.

Bruneians who travel abroad have been advised not to take parcels, the contents of which they are not aware of; from strangers.


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