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Michigan Playmaker: Chad Henne

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Michigan Playmaker: Chad Henne

by The Newark Advocate

Henne is 0-3 against OSU, and along with OT Jake Long and RB Mike Hart, opted to skip the NFL draft and stay for his senior season partially in the hope of finally defeating the Buckeyes before the end of his college career.

He finished 27-of-54 passing for 325 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in the 2004 loss, though he led Michigan to the Big Ten title that year.

He finished 25-of-36 passing for 223 yards with a touchdown and an interceptions in the 2005 loss.

He finished 21-of-35 passing for 267 yards and two touchdowns in the 2006 loss. Henne also rushed for 33 yards.

Henne will have to keep mistakes to a bare minimum to keep OSU's defense from taking advantage and taking the game. Injuries also have been a problem, and if he can't avoid big hits, Henne would be spelled by backup Ryan Mallett.

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