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UN chief welcomes efforts by Cameroon

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UN chief welcomes efforts by Cameroon

by Xinhua

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed on Thursday efforts by Cameroon and Nigeria to deal with a recent border attack which killed at least 20 Cameroonian soldiers.

"The secretary-general is encouraged by the prompt and statesmanlike efforts of the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria to respond to the attack against a Cameroonian military installation in the Bakassi Peninsula on 12 November," said a statement issued by Ban's press office.

Ban expressed condolences to the government and people of Cameroon and in particular to the families of the victims, the statement said.

The secretary-general reaffirmed the world body's readiness to continue to support the "constructive efforts" made by the two countries to "strengthen border cooperation and bilateral relations overall."

Suspected Nigerian criminals killed at least 20 Cameroonian soldiers in a border region within Cameroon's territory on Monday afternoon. The Nigerian Army has denied any involvement in the attack, describing it as a "criminal" action.


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