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On Cruising: Tourism in Hawaii off; ship sizes increasing

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On Cruising: Tourism in Hawaii off; ship sizes increasing
Hawaii as a vacation destination isn't as hot as it once was. In February the new ship optimistically named the Pride of Hawaii will swallow its pride and start cruising in another part of the world. Norwegian Cruise Line's America division is the only cruise line allowed to offer cruises that start and end in Hawaii. It has announced that it will reduce its presence in Hawaii due to significant financial losses in that market.

Hotel occupancy in Hawaii, a statistic representing those vacationers who prefer a land-based vacation, is down significantly this year. One reason may be that airfares and hotel rates there keep going up.

Another hurdle is that what looked like an exciting new way to quickly hop between islands, the Hawaii Superferry, which debuted this summer, has run into a slew of problems. It was deemed unwelcome by local protestors in Maui and Kauai, had some passengers becoming seasick, and as of this writing has been shut down due to safety concerns.

Hopefully the ferry operators can overcome these problems, because one of the hassles of visiting multiple islands in Hawaii has always been the time wasted at airports waiting for those 20-minute flights.

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