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Canadians spending strong dollar on travel in the ....

Touristclick California Travel news

Canadians spending strong dollar on travel in the United States
Canadians visiting New Hampshire this October can enjoy the crisp air, the vivid colours of the fall foliage, and the lure of factory-outlet shopping made more affordable now that the loonie is at part with the U.S. dollar.

The soaring loonie is leading a growing migration of Canadians to spend their travel budgets south of the border, and causing grief for Canadian tourism operators as more Americans decide to stay at home.

"When the exchange rate began getting closer to par we saw an increase in Canadian clients ... and they're coming throughout the year, instead of just off-season," said Steve Gendall, owner of the Maple Leaf Motel in nearby North Conway, a scenic mountainous area known for its skiing and factory-outlet shopping.

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