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Burundi: The Cabinet is Sworn in

Touristclick Burundi Travel News

Burundi: The Cabinet is Sworn in


The cabinet was sworn in on 16 November two days before its appointment.

Members of the cabinet took their oath in front of members of Parliament and the Head of State. Only 14 ministers and 5 vice-ministers of the newly appointed cabinet took the oath.

The current cabinet has aroused hopes that the institutional blockage that has characterized the two years that the past years will be is to be over. The current cabinet is the sixth within two years that CNDD-FDD has spent on power. Previous cabinets were labelled as unconstitutional. The Head of State advised the newly appointed cabinet to put aside their political origins and hold meetings with their subordinates at least once in two months."

Analysts have however raised weaknesses of this cabinet of national union. The great number of ministers and vice-ministers in a country which is facing shortage of funds is one of the weaknesses.

The appointment of vice-ministers is new development in Burundi's politics which lacks legal texts.


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