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Burundi basketball federation

Touristclick Burundi Travel News

Burundi basketball federation

by Afrique en ligne

Bujumbura, Burundi - Burundi Basketball Federation (FBBB) has elected a new board, made up of six members and chaired by Nepomucene Nahima na.

Col. Leonidas Bandezamaso and Prosper Masumbuko were elected Vice-chairman and S ecretary General of the board respectively in the capital, Bujumbura, Saturday.

One the missions of the board will be to formulate and implement new strategies to develop Burundi basketball.

"The schools in the country are to become the main training centres for basketba ll development and popularisation," said the new FBBB chairman.

"Looking for sponsors will also be part of the priorities of the new managing te am of Burundi basketball,” he said.

The game has been affected by lack of money to acquire the necessary facilities.


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