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Day as a Tourist' programme

Touristclick British Virgin Islands Travel News

Day as a Tourist' programme

by BVI News Online

Over 16 zealous class 4 students and two teachers from the Ivan Dawson Primary School relaxed onboard a first class monohaul charter yacht at Nanny Cay Marina, observed pottery and metal craft demonstrations at Aragon studios in Trellis Bay, strolled with a National Parks Trust Guide through paths lined with vibrant flowers and indigenous plants and had a wonderful picnic lunch with the Director of Tourism under the swaying palms at the J. R O’Neal botanic gardens late last week.

These exciting activities were made possible through the BVI Tourist Board’s Day as a Tourist Programme.

The new programme which was launched during tourism month provides students with a greater appreciation for the natural, cultural and historical attractions of the BVI, educates students on how the tourism industry works and its importance to the BVI’s economy, as well as provides information on the wide range of lucrative and exciting career opportunities that exist within our tourism sector.

Taxi driver and tour guide Keith Smith, cautiously maneuvered his safari taxi through the winding hills while playfully quizzing the kids as to which island was on his right side as they drove along. Some children bellowed, Guana Island, while others had puzzled expressions as to which island it was.

Students eyes lit up, when each painting at the wall mural was carefully explained, little boys on galloping donkeys racing down the hill, men catching grabs for bait with a flambo, and women balancing large straw baskets on their heads with colorful fruit inside getting ready for market day.

Other areas of interest where the group visited during their island tour included the Virgin Island Folk museum, Mt. Healthy National Park and Josiah’s Bay Plantation. “I am so glad to be on this field trip, I never knew about all these places and I never been on a yacht before” Ashley Miller, a student replied.

According to Sr. Product Officer and School Tourism Programme Coordinator Mrs. Noelene Clarke

“the day was very successful, as the objectives were met, timelines were maintained and students demonstrated a keen excitement for learning while being exposed to the natural, cultural and historical attractions of the British Virgin Islands”.

Ivan Dawson Primary class four students were targeted for the pilot programme for Day as a tourist, and ultimately other children from various schools on Tortola and our sister islands will be given the same opportunity.

The BVI Tourist Board would like to thank those that made the day as a tourist programme a resounding success, Jamila Vanterpool, Principal Mrs. Elaine Penn, teachers Mrs. Desiree Butler and Mrs. Keisha King and Class Four students of the Ivan Dawson Primary School ,Tour Operator Mr. Keith Smith, Management and Staff of National Parks Trust especially “Aunty Julie” at the J.R. O’Neal Botanical Garden, Aragorn, Johnny and Liz of Aragorn Studios, Ms. Joanne Hill at the V.I. Folk Museum, Miles Sutherland Pilch, Manager, Mel Jamison and Michelle James of Nanny Cay Resort and Marina and Henry of Horizon Yacht Charters, Management and staff especially Mrs. Sandra Smith of One Mart Superstore.


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