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Bolivia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Bolivia travel News section before you travel to Bolivia

Touristclick Bolivia Travel News

Bolivia Calls for Talks
The Bolivian Government urged for dialogue Wednesday to neutralize a destabilizing media offensive triggered by the ...Dec 2007

Bolivia at a New Crossroads
Since this article was written (in early summer 2007) Bolivian politics has turned most decisively on the process of the Constituent Assembly (CA). ...Dec 2007

Will Bolivia's splits
By Daniel Schweimler Bolivia has approved a radical new draft constitution that will give greater power to the country's poor and indigenous people. ...Dec 2007

Bolivia: Assembly and President
Movement towards Socialism (MAS) will present its proposals Sunday to pave the way for the writing and presentation of the new Bolivian Constitution. ...Dec 2007

Waiting for Bolivia
You’ll never run out of stories here in Bolivia. There are more stories in Bolivia than in Iraq!” At an internet café, I am asked “Have you ever heard of ...Dec 2007


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Bolivia Travel news

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