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Bolivia: Assembly and President

Touristclick Bolivia Travel News

Bolivia: Assembly and President

by Prensa Latina

The Constituent Assembly members for the ruling Movement towards Socialism (MAS) will present its proposals Sunday to pave the way for the writing and presentation of the new Bolivian Constitution.

The ruling faction met with President Evo Morales Saturday to review the current situation and progress of the Assembly task.

As result of the meeting, MAS agreed to make some suggestions to the Assembly allowing for the successful accomplishment of its mission, which expires on December 14.

"We intend to make some proposals to the meeting's leadership, to guarantee the work of its plenary sessions," spokesman Marco Carrillo said.

He explained the Integration and Compatibility Commission is working simultaneously so that the Assembly leadership can define, tomorrow, the headquarters and date for the resumption of its sessions.

According to Carrillo the debates should be held in a place allowing "lawfulness of the constitutional text and support for its approval, to avoid confrontation."

Regarding that, the spokesman noted Oruro could be an appropriate headquarters for the detailed discussion of the new Constitution, given that its authorities, civic committees, and organizations have offered guarantees.


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