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Bolivia Calls for Talks

Touristclick Bolivia Travel News

Bolivia Calls for Talks

by Prensa Latina

The struggle in Bolivia is between the government and its process of social, democratic changes and the traditional parties which, refusing to lose their long-standing privileges, are resorting to violence.

This coming weekend a popular celebration of the recently approved proposal of the State Political Constitution coincides with implementation of de facto autonomies in several departments.

Anticipating confrontation in view of the wave of violence that has been rocking the country for several weeks, President Evo Morales reiterated his call to dialogue to solve national problems.

"I"m urging legally-elected authorities and leaders in departments to join hands and work for the new Constitution, the law on autonomy and the autonomous statute," the president said in a message to the nation.

Opposition PODEMOS (Democratic Social Power alliance) announced stepped-up pressure, including calls to civil disobedience and an intense media disinformation campaign.


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Bolivia Travel news

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