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TNFA loses 0-3 to Bhutan XI

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TNFA loses 0-3 to Bhutan XI

by Phayul

The two sides played a rematch on Friday after their first encounter on Wednesday ended in a 2-2 draw.

Bhutan XI will now face Three Star Club of Nepal in their quarterfinal.

TNFA is a team based at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh and comprises of players from the members of the Tibetan community living in exile, largely in India and Nepal.

TNFA earlier won their first match with Manipur team to reach the pre-quarterfinal. This was also their first victory in the Gold Cup tournament since they first participated in it.

“It was an unfortunate match here today. We missed some our key players in today’s match due to injuries. Tsering Dhondup, who managed to score two goals in our last two matches, was also unable to join the match till the last few minutes due to injury and proved great loss to our team,” TNFA team manager Mr Kelsang Dhondup told Phayul.

“Although our side secured lots of chances to score, our players missed few very prospective goals,” he added.

“The Bhutanese team played very well,” Mr Kelsang said.

The Tibetan side, however, has been enjoying an overwhelming cheer from Buddhist monks and Tibetans, who turn out in considerable numbers with Tibetan national flag to lend their vocal support to the team.

Monks make a steady and loyal group of football fans at the Paljor Staduim in Gangtok, the venue for the whole tournament.

Speaking to media, Kharey Basnett, the chief coach of the Bhutanese national team, earlier this week, said Friday’s match between the Tibetan and Bhutanese side was historic since it would revive the ties and special relationship between Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim.

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