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Buddhists from Bhutan offer prayers for world peace at Gaya

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Buddhists from Bhutan offer prayers for world peace at Gaya

by TopNews

Gaya (Bihar), Nov 5 : Over 4000 Buddhists from Bhutan participated in special prayers for world peace at Bodh Gaya in Bihar on Sunday.

Such rituals are common in Bhutan but these prayers were organised for the first time in Bodh Gaya, by a religious organisation of the country.

Followers of Mahayana sect of Buddhism believe in tantric practices, and the sect offers important prayer known as 'Kalkrodhi'. Goddess Vajrakanya is worshipped during the special prayer.

Interestingly, the devotees play two musical instruments one made of human bones and the other of human skin.

Special prayers were held for destruction of evil spirits and for the world peace.

"We are offering these prayers for world peace.

There are believers of Hinayana and Mahayana, we believe in tantrayana. We are offering these prayers for peace in Bhutan and rest of the world. We,

ourselves experience immense peace after these prayers," said Singewange, a lama from Bhutan.
The three-day prayers started on Saturday under the Bodhi tree in the holy city.

The Bodhi tree is considered sacred because Lord Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under the tree.

Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born a prince at Lumbini in Nepal over 2,600 years ago. He attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in Bihar. (ANI)

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