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new university of belize

Touristclick Belize Travel News

new university of belize

by LoveFM,

Doctor Santos Mahung is the new president of the University of Belize. A special installation ceremony ended a short while ago at the University’s central campus in Belmopan. The day was filled with a number of activities including an official signing ceremony of agreements with partners from foreign universities and the handing over of the Hunting Caye Marine Research Station to the University. Minister of Natural Resources Florencio Marin handed over the land certificate for 250 acres of land. Minister Marin spoke of developments within his Ministry.

Hon. Florencio Marin,Minister of Natural Resources:
“Very soon government will introduce legislations to regulate the real estate industry. It is already flourishing in the country, but we feel that the government is propitious now to regulate this industry and with that goes the need for competent people to participate in the industry and guide the industry.”

Also speaking at the ceremony was Minister of Agriculture Vildo Marin who spoke of the importance of agribusiness.

Hon. Vildo Marin,Minister of Agriculture:
“In Belize we need to develop other industrial competitiveness to programs which highlight international trade and development potentials, as well as guard issues which encompasses several individuals at the business sectors and require a system approach. Examples of such issues are commercialization of technology and crafts, environmental impact, human resource developments, trade and investment policies. While we invest in Belize, Belize’s proximity could span Central American, CARICOM and United States markets.

Improved transport infrastructure, such as the deep water port in Big Creek and the expansion of the international airport, coupled with our dual planting seasonality, provide the local agro-business companies with major competitive advantages globally.”

Minister Marin said producers have the potential for significant growth in Central America and Canadian markets as well as the traditional European and United States market. Minister of Education Francis Fonseca spoke of the importance of the work of the University of Belize.

Hon. Francis Fonseca,Minister of Education:
“The University of Belize has a central role to play in building a stronger more just society and nation. All your efforts must be directed at informing, engaging, and influencing our social, economic, political and cultural systems to better serve the national good.

This means we need active research and development efforts in priority areas identified for growth. The University of Belize is called upon to deliver both in the range and quality of your teaching and research so that Belize can more confidently embark on our journey towards sustainable development.”


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