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Public invited on state’s trip to Barbados

Touristclick Barbados Travel News

Public invited on state’s trip to Barbados

by South Carolina Now

The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC) is inviting the public on a trip of exploration of the “Connections” between Barbados and South Carolina, a connection that dates to the birth of the Carolinas colony when a boat carrying English planters and African slaves from Barbados landed in 1670 at what is now Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site.

The country that lies in the southern Caribbean region. Barbados is considered a part of the Lesser Antilles and its closest island neighbours are Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia to the west and Trinidad and Tobago to the south.

In October, a direct flight from Atlanta will travel to Barbados for a four-day heritage symposium and celebration of the cultural and historical connections that exist between the Caribbean island and Southeastern state. The visible connections between South Carolina and Barbados have grown over the past 338 years and are evident in South Carolina’s culture, arts, food, architecture, language, agriculture, African American heritage and government structure.

The trip, scheduled for Oct. 22-26, will include tours, traveling workshops and speakers. Sites will include the George Washington House, St. Nicholas Abbey, Caribbean Art Gallery, gardens and churches. In addition, the local cuisine will be highlighted throughout the trip. The trip costs $850 plus lodging and leaves from Atlanta on Oct. 22. For information, visit and click on The Connection.

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Barbados Travel news

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