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LIAT aircraft shortage will affect travel

Touristclick Barbados Travel News

LIAT aircraft shortage will affect travel


Regional carrier LIAT has warned Caribbean travellers to expect some turbulence in regional air travel as a result of a shortage in aircraft.

The carrier was due to take possession of five aircraft from its former rival Caribbean Star as part of an acquisition deal with the fellow Antigua-based carrier.

LIAT said a shortage of aircraft will result in a disruption to its schedule until mid- December.

Airline officials have been contacting customers to notify them of any changes to their itineraries and to accommodate them if necessary.

LIAT is owned by regional shareholders, with the major shareholders being the governments of Barbados, Antigua and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The three governments raised a loan of 60- million US dollars from the Barbados Development Bank to facilitate the payment of debts and acquisition of the assets from Caribbean Star, which was owned by Antigua-based American millionaire Sir Allen Stanford.


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