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Barbados Reticent to Sign

Touristclick Barbados Travel News

Barbados Reticent to Sign

by Prensa Latina

The popular movement People´s Empowerment Party demanded Barbados government for a complete report on the Agreement for Economic Association AAE that the country is prepared to sign with the European Union.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Owen Arthur, the president of the group David Comissiong assures that the people of Barbados "does not even have an idea of the sanction that is being negotiated".

He warned that AAE tries to impose "a series of restrictive norms and regulations that are designed to tie the hands of the governments of the Third World and to facilitate the economic and financial introduction of the multinational European companies".

He emphasized the people of Barbados have the right to know the details of any international agreement of importance that is solved in our name".

Comissiong urged the government to take measures so that to make the text project public and to begin a process of public debate and consultations.

At the moment, the European Union negotiates an AAE with the group of Caribbean countries, to replace the special regimes of exportation.


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