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Discovery Clarifies Bahamas

Touristclick Bahamas Travel News

Discovery Clarifies Bahamas

by Earthtimes,

Discovery Cruise Line is the largest tour operator from South Florida to Grand Bahama Island having carried over 150,000 passengers last year and on-target to carry a similar number this year.

Its primary purpose is transporting passengers to and from Grand Bahama Island for the day or to stay for one or more nights. However, the media frequently refers to it as a "casino boat," which is the nomenclature normally reserved for boats or ships that promote "nowhere" cruises where the principal activity is gambling and the vessel has no destination.

"To the contrary" says Hanns J. Hahn, General Manager of Discovery, "the primary purpose of Discovery is transportation, and gambling is an incidental activity aboard Discovery. Discovery's principal activities include three all-you-can-eat buffet meals on the roundtrip cruise, spacious sun decks and swimming pool, games, live entertainment, shows, a disco and much, much more."

Discovery offers same day roundtrip cruises with shore excursions on Grand Bahama Island, as well as cruise and stay vacation packages at a wide selection of hotels on the island, from budget to deluxe, including Flamingo Bay Hotel, Sheraton Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Resort, Viva Wyndham Fortuna, The Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Resort, Taino Beach Resorts and Club and Pelican Bay Resort.


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