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Bahamas Youth Football preparing for season two

Touristclick Bahamas Travel News

Bahamas Youth Football preparing for season two

by The Freeport News

Just before the second season of Bahamas Youth Football kicks-off, one of the biggest (and best) camps ever put on by the League will take place this weekend.

The High School Player's Development League, a division of the National Football League (NFL) will be sponsoring this BYF camp for all young men who presently play in the league, or who have hopes of playing in the league.

The camp is free and is expected to feature at least 10 coaches from the United States, along with some NFL players,

The camp will be held on Monday, August 4 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then from August 5 through August 8 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Independence Park.

"The camp is designed to help the players and the coaches as we continue to develop the sport of American football here in The Bahamas," said Stanford Duhaney, a coach and executive of BYF.

"We will have visiting coaches and players who will be showing us different techniques, different drills and give us more experience in how to play this game of football."

The camp is a part of the development plan which BYF had put in place from its inception.

The original idea was to have the coaches and players travel to the United States for the camp, but Duhaney noted that having the coaches come here is much cheaper for the program and gives all of the kids here in Grand Bahama an opportunity to be a part of the camp.

There are expected to be kids coming in from several of the Family islands to be a part of the camp, including kids from Nassau who have plans to take part in the camp.

The unique aspect of this camp is that there will be a visiting coach in town for all of the positions that make up a football team.

For example those local players who play tight end, there will be a coach specifically for that position; for those players who play quarterback, wide receiver or some other position, there will be visiting coaches who will deal specifically with those respective areas.

Duhaney says this will allow each player to develop their skills in their spot on the team.

"We will also be having seven-aside matches after each session and we will make that as competitive as possible," added Duhaney.

"What we want to do is be able to show our skills and learn as much as we can from these coaches and players who will be in town for this camp.

"This will probably be the best camp that you've seen on this island for some time and so we want to invite all of the kids to come out and be a part of this. We want to continue to grow in this game of football."

Sticking to the basic idea behind Bahamas Youth Football, there will also be two academic and life skills coaches in town during the camp, who will teach the coaches how to deal with the young players and how to respond to them. They will also give the local coaches ideas on how to help their players succeed not just on the field but in the classroom and eventually in life.

"We've been having some support from the community for BYF and we hope that continues," said Duhaney.

"We want to improve in every aspect of this game and prepare ourselves for this upcoming season," said Duhaney.

He said that the camp will be an annual one which will be held at the same time, which takes place just before the draft and the start of BYF season.


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