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Over past 10 months Azerbaijan

Touristclick Azerbaijan Travel News

Over past 10 months Azerbaijan

by Azerbaijan Business Center

For Jan-Oct period of the year country’s foreign trade turnover totaled $9.24 bn. The State Customs Committee informed that for the reported term Azerbaijan exported commodities of 2,327 names in the amount of $4.819 bn (-7.49% or $390.468 million against the 2006 same term) and imported goods of 6,478 names in the amount of $4.4 bn (+4.86% or $205.016 million).

Positive balance on import and export operations reached $398.6 million.

This year’s largest export was registered in July $866.317 million and the least in February $154.38 million (with average monthly export decline of $11.99 million), while the largest import of $543.6 million was registered in August and the least of $356.564 million in March (with average monthly import growth of $13.64 million).

This October export operations reduced by $179.9 million against by September 2007 and import operations rose by $18.416 million.
For Jan-Oct period Azerbaijan’s resident and non-residents conducted trade operations with 136 countries of the world. Foreign trade operations involved totally 11,803 individuals and juridical entities (3,725 and 8,078 respectively).

The share of state sector in export operations reached 76.04% ($3.665 bn), private sector 22.48% ($1.083 bn), individuals 1.47% ($71.077 million). The share of state sector in import operations made 24.53% ($1.08 million), private sector 69.65% ($3.079 bn), and individuals 5.82% ($257.39 million).

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